The Atlas Embroidery Mascot

Email: sprouts@atlasembroidery.com

Originally from Nebraska, Sprouts (a Brussels Griffon) has really become a big part of the Lombard and Atlas Embroidery family. He comes to work every morning at 8:00am and is known as Mitchell Lombard’s right hand man. Sprouts has his own seat at the dinner table as well as his own credit card. Let’s not forget he has his own seat at the dinner table and prefers to sleep with his master every night. And when his master is not there, he gets very depressed and emotional. Some might say that Sprouts is like a real person. He dresses up every Halloween just like a real boy.

Sprouts plans to continue working for Mitchell as long as they both shall live. Sprouts has two brothers (Joey and Alex) and one sister (Jordan) and of course his parents (Mitchell and Jenny).

To Order Atlas products by phone call our toll free number:

1-888-96 ATLAS (28527)

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