Screen Artwork Info and Graphics



Print quality / Camera Ready files are required for every order, when available.  We require .AI or .EPS files that do not include bitmap embedded images.  If you are supplying a raster based image file format, it should be saved as .TIFF or .PSD for 1 color or multi-color graphics.  Either of these formats should include a transparent background and not be a flattened image file.  Please remember to convert all text to outlines when submitting a file.  All art files submitted may require additional art charges upon review, at a rate of $60 per hour.  Our minimum art charge for any order are as follows.

  • Typesetting minimum: $15.00
  • Raster or low res. Art re-draw minimum: $60.00
  • Color Separation for non vector or incorrectly formatted vector files minimum: $60.00
  • Custom design or illustration work, per custom quote, minimum: $60.00



Customer should supply artwork via email whenever possible. Other acceptable methods of electronic file transfer can be via download links offered from your web based FTP type download site, such as dropbox, filesend, etc. For large files, over 10 megs. We suggest you use our file upload link to upload files to us. This insures that we get the files every time. Please make sure to include your company name, PO#, & contact info. In the message when using our service so we know who the files came from.


Atlas Embroidery accepts artwork created in most professional graphic applications on either the PC or Macintosh platforms. For multicolor Logos, vector art created in Adobe Illustrator is preferred. CorelDRAW files should be exported as Adobe Illustrator format (ai) with all text converted to curves. We DO NOT accept native CorelDRAW files any longer.

  • Vector art can be contained within the following formats: .ai, .eps, .pdf
  • Raster art files must be provided as .psd, or .tiff, with transparent background
    (Any raster format must be at minimum 300 dpi, set to size needed for printing)

If artwork supplied requires typesetting, changes, touchups, or does not meet Atlas Embroidery specifications, we reserve the right to modify the artwork and charge accordingly. Custom artwork will be billed at $60.00 per hour.

Paper Proofs

$3.00 per order.

Excessive changes to actual proof are subject to additional costs. All proofs must be approved within 3 days of receipt or production delays may occur.

Atlas Embroidery is no longer accepting outside supplied films for any orders. We will not accept orders with provided films and digital art files must be supplied. For all orders in house that were originally supplied on film, upon re-order, digital art files must be provided.

Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing LLC. owns all screens, films, & separation files for output.