Superbowl LII was a great game. It kept us on the edge of our seats, wondering who would be this year’s winner. When the Eagles won the game, it was game on at Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing, and then our production team got busy!

The local news channels of ABC and NBC (Ft. Lauderdale) came by to film our production crew. It was quite an event, with 79 employees running all presses at a rate of better than 400 shirts per hour from the end of the Game Sunday Night until well into Monday Afternoon.

The local news media interviewed Adam Cohen, Executive Vice President at Atlas Embroidery, and shot footage of the entire operation as Employees Printed the Officially Licensed Eagles Super Bowl LII Champs Tees for Fanatics for whom Atlas serves as a production partner!

How do you keep a crew of 79 employees going, all night long? Adam Cohen commented “Formula is plenty of Gatorade, Red Bull, prepared food for a quick middle of the night meal and readily available snacks to keep everyone burning the Midnight oil”.

“Our production crew is well-seasoned at working the extended hours required of us to serve as the production partner of such prestigious companies as Fanatics. All know that each and every “Hot Market” (Superbowl, World Series, NBA Championship, etc…) production opportunity puts us in the Spotlight and all show serious pride in being counted on to perform at the highest level for such High-Profile Events.

At the end of the day Monday, the last of the 53” trucks had left, merch was on it’s way to Retailers everywhere, employees were tired but proud, and paycheck this coming week will be full of overtime for all to further reward their efforts!

“Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing is honored to be a trusted production partner of Fanatics, and Congratulates the Philadelphia Eagles on being Superbowl LII Champs,” said Adam Cohen.

Here in the video, you can see the film footage from ABC and NBC. It was real-time Superbowl Champions t-shirt production here at Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing!

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