Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing was recently featured in the Decorator’s Guide for 2018, and in the magazine online. Here is a portion of the article…

“We’ve known about Atlas Embroidery for over a decade. They have some very special equipment that can do very special things. For example, Atlas has a paint mixing machine, much like the one you would see at Benjamin Moore paint stores.

So, why does that matter? The next time your client wants to have a custom color that no one else can match, contact Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing. They can make and match the exact color for you.

Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing is also a very large operation with about 100,000 square feet of operation space. They can handle the big and small orders. Another Atlas advantage is in their high-quality equipment. They also have a great customer service experience.

From screen printing, embroidery, DTG, or cheerwear, Atlas is one of your best bets! Their goal is to create the highest quality service at the most competitive prices.”

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