Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing Offers Tips on How to Choose the Right “Blank Goods” Supplier

There is special terminology to know in the embroidery & screen printing industry that helps to understand the business. Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing is known as an “embellisher,” a company that applies embroidery and screen printed designs onto what are called “blank goods.”  Blank goods stands for the garments and other items, such as hats, bags, onto which these designs are applied.  Since Atlas Embroidery doesn’t supply the blank goods, this blog will address how new distributors might want to choose the “right” blank goods supplier for their needs.

There are suppliers that carry generic brands that can be purchased through virtually any supplier. There are also the specialized distributors that not only carry generics, but also manufacture their own lines of clothing and other blank goods. What’s important about that is these items are manufactured specially to receive embroidery and/or screen printing embellishment. Generally, this is by virtue of the type and quality of fabric being employed – usually high percentages of thicker cotton goods – to best receive the ink, for example, and preshrunk to maintain the integrity of the screen printed design.

But, it’s important to understand that picking the right supplier(s) of blank goods is a bit more complex than just finding the right type and quality. Naturally, for most distributors, who are working with demanding clients, after quality considerations are satisfied, price is of primary importance. This is where Atlas Embroidery can help.

Atlas has agreements in place to provide free in-bound freight with three well-known suppliers, which helps tremendously to reduce costs for its distributor clients. ATLAS EMBROIDERY & SCREEN PRINTING WILL COVER THE INBOUND FREIGHT FROM; SAN MAR, HERITAGE, ALPHA/BRODER AND TSF.  CALL ATLAS FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE PSST PROGRAM  AS WELL AS THE DISCOUNTED OUTBOUND FREIGHT PLAN.

Once established, the more seasoned distributors are able to make more sophisticated financial arrangements that might include special rebates, or better pricing for large volumes of blank goods, or reductions in pricing based on the cotton futures market.

We at Atlas Embroidery, LLC are happy to help educate our new distributors because we want them to be with us for the long term, as their trusted supplier of the highest quality embellishment services at the most competitive prices in the marketplace today. We look forward to serving your most exacting requirements for a long time to come.

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