Each year Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing keeps busy with a full schedule of trade shows to help us stay informed of Industry Trends as well as to make ourselves available regionally to be seen by our clients.

Why do we do this? We want Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing to be seen as available, approachable and informative as clients tell us that face-to-face time with us is incredibly valuable to them as they enjoy seeing, touching and feeling examples of our work as well as asking questions of us in person. Further, it’s great to put names and faces together with existing clients and the best possible place for us to meet new clients within each Region so they can better understand that Atlas is a National Solution, and not just a Vendor for those projects that are shipping to clients in the Southeast!

We pride ourselves on great customer service, so going to the trade shows helps our Clients get a peek into the wonderful world of Atlas, through conversation, a hand shake and some true “one on one” time with us.

Mitch Lombard at the ASI ShowOur goal is to help our clients’ business grow, and by visiting them during the year we truly have a chance to show what’s new and how it can be utilized as the best possible way to Increase their potential to sell Screen-Printed, Direct to Garment and Embroidered Goods to all their end-user Clients.

At Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing, we service all realms of ASI/PPAI distributors, from the smallest of Mom and Pop shops that run a handful of orders a year, to the Largest for which we produce a handful of orders each and every day! Having been in business for 14 years has allowed us the ability to Earn the A+ reputation we’ve garnered and the 1000’s of invaluable partnerships that have come along with almost a decade and a half of putting our clients’ needs 1st, and running Atlas like a shop that belonged to them as much as our Team!

We look forward to meeting, sharing and educating you at a tradeshow sometime soon!


The Team at Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing!