When you are discussing an order involving personalizations, it so important to keep in mind that there often firm deadlines. Please know that personalizations, such as names and numbers, are done manually.

This manual process may take up to an additional week, aside from normal production (depending on the volume of orders in-house). Because of this manual process and the time involved, it’s best to call ahead and confirm the time frame with your customer service representative before submitting an order. We want to be sure that you can meet your event deadline.

  • Combo Orders: Whether its part Screen Printing and Embroidery, or Screen Printing and DTG Printing, combo orders will also have a delayed production. You must allow 1 week extra for such projects as these have to be processed by separate departments. Each department has a separate production schedule. We strongly advise you to call and confirm the time frame with the pertaining departments before submitting an order, to make sure we can meet your event.
  • Normal Production Schedule is 7-10 working days from the final art approval and receipt of merchandise. Any orders that require us to produce and ship outside of standard production time will incur an additional rush charge.

We have 3 different types of Rush Service: 30% (5-6 Business Days), 40% (3-4 Business Days) and 50% (2-3 Business Days). These percentages apply to the entire invoice, not including the shipping. Rush Service is not always available and we suggest customers call us to verify if we are able to produce the rush job within their time frame.

Any orders submitted after 12pm “Noon” (Eastern Standard Time) are entered into our system the following business day.

  • We require goods to come in 3 business days before the set production date. If your garments arrive less than 3 business days prior to production, your order will incur a rush charge based on the production date (Otherwise your order will be pushed back 3 additional working days).

1 Day Turnaround – 100% Rush Charge

2 Day Turnaround – 50% Rush Charge

*If your goods arrive incomplete, this will delay the production process, as we cannot receive goods and print the same day. Once the missing goods arrive, the order will have to be rescheduled and may incur additional rush charges.

We hope this clears up any confusion about when rush charges apply. If you still have questions, please call the office:  954-922-2242