SAGE 2015 A+ RatingEvery year, SAGE presents its annual supplier awards to those distributors and suppliers who are part of the SAGE and PPAI system. Over the course of the year, ratings and comments are collected from their clients and added to the system.

These ratings accumulate, and through a scoring process, SAGE determines if the supplier can receive an A+ rating in several categories. These categories are customer service, delivery, product quality, decoration quality, problem resolution. In the system, you can rate each category with the click of a mouse, after the order you placed with that specific supplier.

Possible ratings are A+, A, B, C, D and F. It can be difficult to get an A+ rating while serving hundreds of clients, each one rating you for different things, and having a different experiences. By using this system, as a distributor, you can know which company scores well in the areas that you need service in. It takes the guess-work out of who to trust, you can just check their rating.

Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing is proud to have achieved the SAGE A+ rating again this year! We have a full range of services to offer clients and you can trust our fulfillment services to get the job done right. We want to be your one-stop-shop for your garment embellishments, embroidery and screen printing.

We appreciate the network of SAGE and the client use of the rating system. As a resource, it offers great tools to resellers that they can use for their own business. Free educational tools, resources and connections are in the SAGE system.

Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing wants to thank all of our resellers that use the SAGE rating system and those that take the time to make comments about the jobs that they have placed with us. We read every comment and appreciate the ratings that you give. All feedback is appreciated!

We want our customer service to be the best, and we thank you for contributing to our A+ rating with SAGE in 2015!

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