We want to make sure that we can always meet the demand for high quality embroidery and screen printing. With this in mind, we are always expanding our capital investment and adding machines as needed. We try to meet last-minute orders and do rush jobs for clients when they are needed.

We have these machines in our warehouse to meet the increasing demand of embroidered and screen printed garments:

We have 11 M&R Screen Printing Machines:

  • 1 machine – 14 stations/heads
  • 3 machines – 12 stations/heads
  • 4 machines – 10 stations/heads
  • 3 machines  – 6 stations/heads

The M&R Screen Printing Machines are high performing screen printing presses with large-format capabilities. They allow for quick set up and high-speed production of printed garments. In the recent past, Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing only had 8 of these, but we purchased more in 2014, making this 11 total machines in our factory. By purchasing more machines, Atlas Embroidery can print more garments with an even quicker turn-around time! Atlas Embroidery is proud to be the largest garment printer in the South East with 11 screen print machines.

We have 10 Tajima Embroidery Machines:

  • 4 machines with 15 heads
  • 2 machines with 12 heads
  • 1 machines with 6 heads
  • 1 machine with 2 heads
  • 2 machines with 1 head
  • 1 full time designated hat machine (15 heads)

The Tajima Embroidery machines are one of the best embroidery machines around. They are computer controlled and specifically engineered for embroidery. They have a framing system that holds the area of fabric tightly under the needle while the sewing system moves automatically to create the digital embroidery pattern. This machine works wonderfully for almost any embroidery job!

Our In-Line numbering machines do screen print numbers for team sports on jerseys and shirts. We want to meet the needs of our clients and their orders by having these available to you.

Our manual machines are used for screen printing personalization. We have two of these.

Our heat press machines are used for special projects.

Our Saati Elite coating machine produces exact results on screens of various sizes and provides a coating. This programmable machine makes machine coating of direct emulsions attainable. It assures the coating repeatability from screen to screen, which cannot be done by hand.

Another recent addition is our Automated Ink Dispensing System, by Rutland. This machine allows us to offer PANTONE® certified color matching on all orders. It matches the Pantone number to the color for an exact match! With this fully-automated system, we will always mix the exact color, the first time, and every time, for your screen printing job!
We also have these direct to screen and direct to garment machines in our warehouse:

  • Direct To Garment Machine, by Kornit
  • And the Kiwo direct to screen machine

These machines are specifically engineered with the ability to print digitally on textiles. By having these on hand, they increase our capability to produce applications on dark garments. They have variable combinations that can do four-color processes, spot combinations and pure digital applications for short runs.

With a growing infrastructure of machines to fill your custom orders, we want to be your one-stop shop for all your printing and embroidery needs!

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