To submit your first embroidery order to Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing, we will need the following items:

  • Purchase order form
  • Shipping form
  • Credit card authorization form (must be submitted in order to process the PO), or have pre- approved credit terms.
  • Copy of your tax id # (only if in Florida)
  • Vectored art file is best for digitizing from (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw or EPS file). Please keep in mind that thread is not an exact Pantone number, we match as close as possible to your requirements.
  • If your logo is already digitized, we will need in .DST format, and a color proof.

(Helpful links are at the bottom of this article.)

You can use your own PO form as long as all the information we require is clearly noted. Please note we will not process your order until the credit card authorization form is received.  

Submitting Your Order:

You can email or fax all the forms. The artwork is needed in vector format, such as Adobe Illustrator or EPS file. These files should be sent to The artwork for embroidery is NOT required to be in vector, although it is preferred. Once you submit the paperwork, your order will be processed in the order it was received.

Processing the Order:

Your logo will now be digitized, which takes about 2 days. You will be sent a scan of the sewout swatch to approve. Once you approve it, the order will be scheduled into production, which is normally 7-10 business days from the date of your approval, if all of the goods have arrived.

Producing the Order:

You will receive a production schedule email. Large orders, complex orders, and orders with personalization, will need longer production time. The order is not invoiced until after it is completed and shipped.

*We do have rush service. The up-charge for this depends on the time frame we are given to produce and ship the order. Rush service is not always available and must be confirmed with us before submitting your order.

When shipping garments to us:

Please make sure your company name and PO number are noted on the box and the label. If you are submitting multiple orders, please have the distributor pack the garments separately. This is a no-charge service provided by our vendor partners, as noted below. *Please note: All goods must be separated by order.

We charge $75.00 per hour +  $.10 each piece to sort and separate before production.

If you are dropping off the goods, please note the receiving bay is across from the office, bay # 7.

Please visit our website to register as a distributor in order to take advantage of our free freight program with Sanmar, Virginia Tees, TSF, Alpha/Broder/NES, Vantage Apparel and Heritage Sportswear.

Check out some helpful FAQ’s about our services for further assistance.

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