• Ensure with your vendor that all inbound shipments have your company name and purchase order number on them. The PO number you give your supplier vendor, should match the one you give Atlas and it should be noted on your PO form.
  • If there is an affiliate name that you order garments under make sure that name is noted on your PO form.
  • If you do have shipment information on your inbound freight I.E (Vendor or Tracking info) please try and include that on your PO. This helps when vendors send goods and the cases are not marked correctly.
  • All goods must arrive to Atlas at least 3 business days prior to your production date. This is very important because if your vendor sends the wrong items we still have time to remedy the situation and still meet deadlines. There may be times when orders get moved ahead a day or two as well, so this helps when goods are here and ready to go.
  • Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing/DTG created the Atlas Free Freight Program (AFFP) which offers FREE inbound freight also known as PSST (Pack Separately Ship Together) with many suppliers. One of the main reasons for this program is so that each of your orders are packed in separate cases, therefore upon arrival to Atlas each PO is already separated and this helps to minimize production time. We created this program to assist in the ever increasing cost of freight. Please see our “Ticket For Free Freight” for specific suppliers and the contact emails.
  • Separation charges are utilized when you send multiple combined orders in one shipment and we have to separate them by design. This process can be very time consuming and therefore cost 75 dollars an hour.
  • Atlas has an order entry system that all goods get logged into daily. You may call or email and check that your garments are here. Of course, if you have the outbound tracking number from your supplier, you can track it at anytime. In order to better assist you please have your purchase order and tracking information on hand when doing so. Receiving2@atlasembroidery.com 954.922.2242 ext 225
  • All returns to vendors must have an active return authorization number from your vendor. Please fill out a return authorization form and forward to your customer service rep for processing.


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