We at Atlas Embroidery are proud to announce the arrival of the latest addition to our family of high quality machines for all of your screen printing needs: the Rutland® Ink Mixing System.

Beginning February 1, 2015, we put into service the newest and most technologically advanced ink mixing system in the screen printing industry today. With this fully-automated system, we will always mix the exact color, the first time, and every time, for your screen printing job!

This new machine allows us to now offer PANTONE® certified color matching on all orders. It matches the Pantone number to the color for an exact match!

What do you need to do to access this service?  Just tell us your PANTONE® color numbers, and we will print your order quicker, better, and more precisely than ever before. From fluorescent violet, to marine blue, to lemon yellow, and all shades in between! 



The intense, vibrant colors will meet your expectations for a true match to their color logos and color designs. These colors are not only matched upon delivery of your order, but they are durable enough to hold up to repeated washing!

The Rutland® Ink Mixing System can solve these problems when you order from Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing…

1. You ran out of shirts and need a second printing.

No problem!  You will never again have to worry about having re-ordered merchandise not print with the same colors as the first run, or your job not matching official PANTONE® colors. Once your order is printed the first time with us, the colors will always match on all concurring re-orders!


2. Is this machine matching color process going to make the costs go up? Is the cost going to be higher for use of this machine?

No, the color matching will be offered at no extra cost! We are offering this state-of-the-art color-matching service at no additional cost to our customers! Other companies may charge up to $20 per color per job for this service, which can get expensive fast. Our free color-matching service is just one more reason why Atlas Embroidery is always your best bet! Contact us today to place an order for color matching screen printing.

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