Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing has multiple ways to ship your orders to get the job done! We will always look to find the most cost effective way to ship your packages, with each order. Whether it’s through LTL Truckload, Parcel Post, UPS or Fed Ex, we have established shipping arrangements with each of these carriers. We also take into consideration the travel time it takes, to make sure your order gets delivered on time.

Moving forward in 2015, here are some things to consider when shipping your orders:

  1. Know Your Box Dimensions: All ground and express packages will now be subject to dimensional weight. This change brings potential for an increase in cost.  When asking for freight costs, we highly recommend you have the dimensions of your boxes handy, as well as the weight. This will allow us to ascertain the most accurate price for your shipment.
  2. Add Insurance to Your Package: We also recommend insuring your packages. One never knows when a package may be lost in transit.  When a package is lost in transit, the most you can get is $100.00 if the shipment was not insured. It’s a small fee to pay for peace of mind. 
  3. Request Signature at Delivery: When shipping to a residential address, please check “signature required” and get insurance. It can happen that a neighbor might pick up your package, or it gets lost, thus creating more problems trying to locate shipments. 

Here at Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing, we look out for our customers in every way possible. Getting your orders delivered on time, with the most economical method, is one of our many goals for a great experience with Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing!

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