20140206_085548_resized Two years ago, the staff at Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing decided to do our first ASI Dallas show. Having never been to Dallas since I was a small child, I was excited to see the town and see how our presence would be acknowledged far from Florida. Both experiences turned out great!

The city-scape was a little smaller than I thought (or maybe it was compared to my big memories as a kid). I supposed there are suburbs just like every other big city, we just didn’t experience them on our quick trip. Quickly after landing in the trade show city, it’s a rush to the venue to get the booth set up properly, and then to find something to eat. We were able to take a stroll around and see some of the historical sites before we went back to the hotel for a dinner meeting.

Finally, the next day Exhibit Day! We met some of the nicest and most amusing distributors that first day! We were welcomed with open arms and a little bit of southern ‘twang. Being from the East Coast, it was fun to listen to the many accents from all over the U.S.

The #ASIDALLASSHOW presents many opportunities to take time and really answer questions and show examples of our work. We were happily surprised at the turn out, and how busy we were, and decided then and there (in 2013) to make this show a regular show in our schedule.

The next year, at the 2014 ASI Dallas Show, we had SNOW! Many people were not so impressed, but living in Florida, it was fun to see that for a change. Even if it was just a light dusting of snow, it was appreciated!


We are really looking forward to the #ASIDALLASSHOW 2015 next week!

Our Exhibits: February 5-6!

Come find us in Booth 1205!

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