Atlas Embroidery has been printing garments in mass quantities because of their large production facility, experienced staff and multiple garment printing machines at the warehouse. In the past, Atlas employed the use of 8 screen printing machines in the printing warehouse, which enabled them to produce large garment printing orders in a short amount of time.

As of December 2013, Atlas Embroidery increased their production rate even more, by purchasing 3 additional automatic screen printing machines! This addition brought the total of screen printing machines to 11, making Atlas Embroidery the largest production house in the South East!

Atlas Embroidery chose to purchase M&R automatic machines. These are high performing screen printing presses with large-format capabilities. They allow for quick set up and high-speed production of printed garments.

By purchasing more machines, Atlas Embroidery can print more garments with an even quicker turn-around time!. Atlas Embroidery is proud to be the largest garment printer in the South East with 11 screen print machines!

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