In the latest issue of the PPB Magazine, they announce the nominees for the “Best Bosses of 2013”. Atlas Embroidery employees nominated Mitchell Lombard as one of these bosses, and he was honored to win one of those spots.

The PPB magazine highlights four secrets that best bosses share in management techniques and company ownership. The four qualities that make a great boss are:

  1. Master Mentoring of Employees
  2. Empowering the Employees
  3. A Push for Peak for Performance
  4. Respect and Recognition

mitchell-lombardMitchell Lombard, of Altas Embroidery and Screen Printing was interviewed to share his view on management. He gives his advice to others, written below:

“Micromanagement isn’t how we do things, at Atlas Embroidery. If you hire a person to do shipping, then let the person do their job and stay out of their way. You are running your business the wrong way if you think every issue has to be handled by you. An owner has to remember that “they” are not the business.” Says Mr. Lombard.

True to his word, Stacia Sequine says her boss, Mr. Lombard “Has the wisdom to let us do our thing. He doesn’t micro-manage us.”

The work environment at Atlas Embroidery is relaxed, and the employees enjoy working there. “Employees feel appreciated with encouragement, cakes on their birthdays, and monthly bonuses.” Says six-year employee Adam Cohen. “We are able to talk to Mitchell anytime we need help with something.”

Mitchell Lombard is certainly a “master mentor” who empowers his employees and encourages their peak performance, through respect and recognition. Congratulations to all the Best Bosses of 2013, and Mitchell Lombard!

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