embroidery_zoomThe classic look of embroidery creates finished details that look great on bags, shirts, jerseys, jackets, hats and more. Embroidery can be done with multiple colors and designs that make any garment truly stand out!

Embroidery is great for small or medium sized designs. We often use embroidery for company logos and team crests. Because embroidery can personalize a garment, monogramming is often requested with individual team numbers or names.

Embroidery creates a very unique and distinct look on garments that looks clean and well-designed when completed. Embroidery is suitable for application on most garments except light weight t-shirts and waterproofed garments.

Our embroidery machines are highly sophisticated and can print any embroidered design with precision and beautiful color! We can even create complicated embroidered designs quickly and accurately with our digitized embroidery machines. Because it is computerized, each piece can be precise and exact, making the finished design even more appealing after it is embroidered into your garment!

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