This is the fourth blog about Direct to Garment printing services to be presented by Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing – now providing this increasingly sought-after service.

This week, we will continue educating our valued customers about one of the many advantages of DTG printing – DTG printing services utilize digital technology. The benefits of digital technology as it relates to DTG include:

  • Digital files are generally quicker and easier to edit/modify than analog photographic images.
  • There is an increasing use by creative professionals to use digital software, which makes digital processing the logical replacement for optical and manual technology.
  • The world of telecommunications has largely converted to digital processing. The same digital files may be utilized for electronic media across the board – the Internet, video, TV, CD-ROMs, print media and multimedia.
  • It is easy to convert analog images and text to digital with scanning and optical character reading (OCR) software.
  • Digital files are simple and easy to transport and communicate, sending a digital file to any digital printer anywhere in the world within seconds permits quick response printing. 
  • Industries are quickly adopting art and printing copy that is digitally generated and communicated.

Do you have an order that would best utilize our new Direct to Garment printing technology? For additional questions or to contact us click on Direct Garment Printing Services

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