This week’s blog will address the T-Zs of typical screen printing terms.

Tint – changing the color of an ink by adding another color to it.
Tonal Range – the difference between the lightest and darkest color of the image.
Transfer – term for indirect printing.
Transfer Adhesive – powdered adhesive that improves the adhesion of a transfer to a substrate.
Transfer Inks – special plastisol inks used to print cold peel and hot split transfers.
Underbase – thin coating of ink that acts as base for other colors being printed. Usually required when printing multi-colors on colored shirts, this process creates true colors and maintains opacity over dark fabric.
UV Inks – certain types of inks that will harden or cure when exposed to UV light.
Vector Art – digital art that uses continuous lines and shapes represented in mathematical algorithms.
Viscosity – the “thickness” or “thinness” of a particular ink.
Wash Test – laundering a printed garment to determine if the print is fully cured.
Water Based Ink – non-plastisol inks that can be air dried.
Wet-on-Wet Printing – printing consecutive ink colors without flash curing.

This is the end of our presentation of screen printing terms. Next, we will address embroidery terms.

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