As we announced in our previous blog, Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is now being offered by Atlas Embroidery.

This week, we will continue educating our promotional product distributors, i.e., our customers,  about the many advantages of DTG printing. Further descriptions of its extensive color and production benefits include:

  • Has built-in multi-color registration.
  • Offers a wide range of color processes, matching the increasing demand for full color.
  • Uses sophisticated color matching and calibration technology.
  • Requires little or no color overlapping.
  • Provides “on-the-fly” features, including variable data, personalization and customization during production runs.
  • Allows no-contact printing, permitting substrate printing without touching or disturbing them.
  • Doesn’t use film masters, stencils, screens or plates.

Next week, we will address the considerable benefits of digital art files.

Do you have an order that would best utilize our new Direct to Garment printing technology? For any additional questions contact us.

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