Continuing our online help desk to make things simpler for our valued customers, this blog will reiterate that the first step in doing business with Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing is the purchase order (PO) or Embellishment Form. This PO may be conveniently filled out online and must be filled out completely for each job. This also applies to repeats of previous jobs. If you are ordering the exact same embellishment, you don’t need a different PO for each item, for example, a sweatshirt and a t-shirt could go on the same PO.

Important: The PO is a .pdf document that allows you to fill it out and print it once, but you cannot save it to your computer. If you need copies, you can print it out once and make them with your copying machine. You may fax the Embellishment Form/PO to us at the number indicated on the form. But, most customers just attach the filled out form to an email to the appropriate department along with the other necessary documents, which will be discussed in future blogs.

At the top right of the form, you will see boxes for screen and embroidery. Here, you check the screen printing box for the type of job and supply a distinct PO number. Please note whether the mailing address is a residential or a commercial one. At the bottom of the form, we will also need to know if we are shipping the order (details will be requested on the shipping form).

The drawings of garments may be utilized to indicate where on the particular garment the screen printing should go. This must be indicated by hand so, in this case, you will need to fax the form to us. The “Numbers” indicator is for team numbers on t-shirts. Please separate these numbers with commas.

The Garment Type and Sizes box indicates the breakdown by size of garments (usually t-shirts) When you total these up, that represents the total items for that job. On the left of that box, the Y before the sizes means “youth” sizes.

Please use the Special Instruction lines for any important information that isn’t called for on the PO form. If your item isn’t pictured on the PO, simply indicate what the item is. Just remember that the PO must contain all important information about the job: Embellishment method, item/style, quantity and size breakdown. Other specifics are covered on other forms, which we will address in upcoming blogs.

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