Art Approval Process Made Easy

All new orders placed with Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing, whether they are embroidery or screen printing embellishment, are required to go through a simple art approval process. This is the final and very important step in the ordering process that comes just before production of the order.

Our distributor/promotional products customers all receive an art proof for review to ensure that their orders are correct. Issued about 1-2 business days after all forms and art have been received, the proof includes the size, pantone colors and overall location of the specific job. It is necessary to look over the proof carefully because, once it has been approved, it will be printed exactly as indicated.

It’s important for our customers to set up their email account to send a confirmation of receipt of emails since we won’t know if you have not received the art proof unless we receive that email confirmation. If two days have passed since all order forms were sent, customers should contact us to inquire about the whereabouts of the art proof. It is important to note that we will not proceed with orders for which we have not received final approval of the art proof.

We have simplified this approval process as much as possible while retaining the steps involved that ensure satisfaction with the end product for our valued customers.

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