In a challenging financial climate, Atlas Embroidery & Screen Printing has grown by leaps and bounds to a robust group of 75 employees and 25,000 square feet of administrative and production facilities. Recently, the company added a separate shipping and receiving facility to its growing real estate holdings. Atlas also owns a lot across the street for future expansion.

This is an exciting success story that’s worth noting in these hard times. When it seems that every business is cutting back and laying people off, Atlas Embroidery’s orders for contract embroidery and screen-printing continue growing exponentially. The staff is constantly busy fulfilling the growing roster of customers’ needs for cutting-edge wholesale embellishment services.

Those not acquainted with Atlas Embroidery may ask how this is possible in such a difficult economy. A recent blog listed several reasons for this success: service, size and reputation. But, that isn’t the entire story. It is the individual staff members, starting at the top with CEO Mitchell Lombard, who create successful outcomes in everything they do, every single day.

Mitchell Lombard started Atlas Embroidery about 10 years ago with a small staff of four. After all these years, that original group is still with Atlas. “That says a lot about how we treat our staff, says Mitchell. That’s why the Advertising Specialty Institute named Atlas among the Best Places to Work in 2008. An article on their Web site states that, at Atlas, their “employees come first, with their clients right behind.” This includes a good package of benefits and even little things like four microwaves to minimize waiting at lunchtime. Everyone feels valued and part of a large and happy family.

In fact, Atlas Embroidery came in second out of 50 companies in the rankings of Best Places to Work in the entire advertising specialty industry. Another quote from Mitchell Lombard: “Our employees will bleed for our company. They feel that they own it. We want them to feel that way.” Need we say more? We don’t think so.

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